The state that I am in

Yes, state. As in state of mind, state of cluttered-yet-organised-chaos and as in state of Victoria which is not New South Wales, which is a 12 hour train trip away.

Which was proven this past weekend.

Brief explanation: Somehow it was deemed necessary that I catch an overnight train to Sydney on the weekend purely for a housewarming party on Saturday evening  (Aren’t planes cheaper? Yes. Aren’t they quicker? Yes. Don’t they not wake you up at 3am and put you on a bus at Albury and  feed you caffeine? Yes. Aren’t you ridiculous? Yes. But in my defence it was all H’s fault and she owes me one AwkwardSituationSitting Experience.).

I have cluttered up my life in a desperate attempt to extricate my centre of gravity from one state and position it firmly in the South of the country, which may explain why The Superlative asked me yesterday with pure incredulity ‘You enjoy being this busy’ to which I replied ‘This isn’t busy’ which is actually absolute shit. This is very busy. Silly busy. OrangeHappyBusy as opposed to MayBusy though, which means I have that annoyingly KnowItAllGlow that comes from waking hungover at 7am to read The Drum instead of the unkept hair and eye crusties of someone who has been running behind in everything all day and still justifies lying in bed until 3am watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother because she’s ‘had a bad day’.

Not that any of this means I’m going to pass Spanish. I still can’t talk about my family without accidentally saying ‘my father is a newspaper’.

I’m recruiting for a Film Festival, I don’t know if I should name it actually because if my bosses google their own festival from time to time like I would if I were them then it would come up as ‘your ridiculous intern wrote this about you’ and but let’s just say that at the moment the only application I’ve gotten is from the most ridiculously qualified Romanian Masters student you ever did encounter.

On a more specific note, my fingers still bare battle scars from stabbing vegetables with skewers for Adam Bandt’s campaign launch last week which went off in a marvellous way Wednesday night at The Tote. For anyone not in SA or VIC, the Greens aren’t a ridiculed stereotype down here, they’re legitimate candidates, and if Adam doesn’t win next Saturday I’ll eat a hat (which I’m sure is an expression, I just don’t know what it means).

And speaking of eating, as of Sunday I can’t eat food that isn’t free for the rest of the week, because I’m desperate to start writing for Farrago, the Melbourne student newspaper and I thought that if I asked for their most ridiculous pitch then I would have a better chance at getting published. I forgot the part where I liked to eat.

Sitting right now at 1000PoundBend watching the Boat People do a sound check. It looks like it should be a flippin good gig to accompany my ham and cheese toastie.  



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  1. Hope you get the Farrago position :)

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