Turn to Fake

So I was driving home from work tonight, absently listening to the radio, when FBi announced something about reclaiming the Cross with live music, and went on to mention a gig next week featuring one Patrick James, supporting the lovely Georgia Fair. And it was one of those disconcerting moments that makes me realise that I do, in fact, live in the real world.

In view of that statement it’s entirely fair to think that I’m probably a self involved twat if it takes a radio promo to bring me back to earth, but let me explain. Spending your gap year in a small town, working minimum wage in hospitality leads to something we’ll call Sitcom Syndrome. Firstly, you watch a lot of them. And secondly your world tends to condense to a certain group of friends and a number of no doubt hilarious in jokes, as well as the goings on in your particular town of choice.  And if you’re anything like the pair of us you’ll come to the entirely valid conclusion that you actually live in a sitcom. Because obviously your tribe* of friends is so witty, so original and so brilliant at running about and generally owning your place of residence that it merits, nay demands, the status and treatment of a sitcom. Yes, we’ve been known to record scripts of conversations to look back on and revel in our own wit, what of it?

With that in mind, it can sometimes come as a shock when characters from your personal sitcom crop up ‘out there’ in the real world. Trust me, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Patrick James is a musician I’m incredibly blessed and irritatingly, undeservedly proud to have watched as he and his music have found a wider and wider circle of admirers. So I’ll certainly be heading to Melt Bar this Thursdayto see him perform with another favourite of mine, Georgia Fair. Patrick plays gorgeous indie affected folk and has such a lovely voice that I’m not even going to attempt to describe it. You should save me the trouble and head over to his profile on triple j unearthed. Listen. Rate. Feel smug when he’s famous and tell all your friends you discovered him way back when.

*Linking in with J’s post today, you should absolutely read Urban Tribes by Ethan Watters if you are/plan to be young, educated, fancy free and roaming the city with a pack of equally blessed friends. The above garbled paragraph about living in the real world will make much more sense, and it’s also an incredibly interesting read.

Melt Bar, Thursday 16th: Georgia Fair, Patrick James and Sui Chen. $10 for a night of revelling in the brilliance of regional hometowns. Or just, you know, amazing music.




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