What would you read with three months to live (or the most frightening hypothetical conundrum of all time) ?

I love Fridays because it means I come online to do actual productive work, read Leigh Sales blog and end up becoming inspired and failing to do anything but prance around the internet.

The Well-Readhead blog recommends a myriad of happy websites for perusing, anything from blogs to videos to speeches that J.K. Rowling gave in 2008.

And the theme of this weeks blog got me thinking; what would I read if I only had three months to live? At the moment I have ten books going, so I guess if the countdown was to begin today, it would be to finish ‘Just in Case’, ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’, ‘The Other Side of Dawn’, ‘India Lonely Planet’, ‘On Beauty’ ‘McSweeney’s 32’, ‘The Book of Other People’, ‘Weasel Words’, ‘Less Than Zero’ and ‘An American Melodrama’.

Although possibly not India Lonely Planet, as it would only make me mad that I wasn’t in India. Actually, with three months to live I may be reading all these books in India. Yes, definitely.

I’d go back to books that I had started years ago and never finished probably. And the ones that I hadn’t understood as a kid so I always think I should reread. Or I’d lock myself away and read the whole Harry Potter Series, over and over again. Or I’d pack a suitcase full of Harry Potter and take it to India.

Best plan.

Thanks Leigh Sales for wasting yet another of my Fridays. You’re brilliant.


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