Misanthropy Mondays

I often wonder whether my life and thoughts are interesting enough to merit public consumption. But I guess that’s the thing about having a blog, being self assured or self involved enough to believe that yes, they are.

Alternatively you can simply refrain from filling out forms like this:

I know that tumblr is meant to be all about poorly defined irony and there’s a lot of time spent making fun of the hipsters, so I’m really, really hoping that this is some pretty damn sophisticated trolling. Your thoughts on mainstream music? Really?

I’m all for alliterative days of the week, so I’m all for calling this Misanthropy Monday and making it a weekly occurrence. Note: this mood may or may not have anything to do with my reading both One Day and Catcher in the Rye in the space of the last 48hours, and resultant lack of faith in humanity. Also, that Spanish assignment I really should be doing instead of trawling the interwebs. Clearly the fault lies with the vacuous hordes and this disgust is absolutely not poorly disguised self loathing.


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