If only

Currently listening to Freelance Whales’ album Weathervanes, which my iTunes library has helpfully classisfied as belonging to the ‘Holiday’ genre. Oh how I wish.

Freelance Whales – Hannah

“We could argue over where and when the cymbal hits should be.” Want.

I also want: A basket for my bike. Emma Watson’s hair. A box brownie. Some pretty fabric to make curtains out of. My piano. The Holidays’ album. Sunshine. Fluency in Spanish. Milk, so I can make tea. To turn my laundry into a darkroom.

I’m just a little puddle of petulant needs at the moment, it being the sort of day that begs to be spent lying in bed with a pretty, arty type. Or even just a good book and numerous mugs of tea. Sigh. Anthropology essay, kindly write yourself.

Thanks in advance,



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One response to “If only

  1. theinterruption

    What, exactly, is a box brownie? A brownie box?


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