Microwave Jenny at The Sandringham

This Sunday evening. I’ll be there, you should be there. Microwave Jenny are brilliant, adorable and talented – the lead singer Tesaa is simply the sweetest thing you’ll see on stage in a long time. And I don’t mean sweet in a wearing-a-frilly-dress-looking-a-little-contrived-and-singing-like-a-small-child-a-la-early-Julia-Stone kind of way… I mean sweet in an incredibly-talented-genuinely-stoked-to-be-on-stage-and-shyly-enjoying-herself kind of way. She’s beautiful, they’re beautiful and you’ll feel the world is beautiful after their gig. Promise. We went to see every single one of their sets at Woodford Folk Festival this year, and if you’re familiar with the size and variety of acts on offer at Woodford, you’ll know that means they’re good.

Sandringham Hotel. Sunday 6th March. $10.


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