Light now does what?

So when we were in India (Just casually. Yes, I want to say it, loudly and often) we went to the Jaipur Literary Festival, and one of my favourite parts, of the whole thing, was Vikram Seth reading this poem.

The interviewer confessed that he had tried to use it to pick up girls in highschool and he could never say it out loud because the first line always got him tongue tied. Which, inevitabley, led to Seth getting tongue tied.

I think I would have loved it anyway. It makes me want buttered rum, and a lot of other things.

A Style of Loving
By Vikram Seth

Light now restricts itself
To the top half of trees;
The angled sun
Slants honey-coloured rays
That lessen to the ground
As we bike through
The corridor of Palm Drive.
We two

Have reached a safety the years
Can claim to have created:
Unconsummated, therefore
Unjaded, unsated.
Picnic, movie, ice-cream;
Talk; to clear my head
Hot buttered rum—coffee for you;
And so not to bed.

And so we have set the question
Aside, gently.
Were we to become lovers
Where would our best friends be?
You do not wish, nor I
To risk again
This savoured light for noon’s
High joy or pain.


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