Muggle Fails and Magic Kids

So thanks to an over-reliance on Harry Potter references to explain and make sense of our daily existence, I won tickets to see Bleeding Knees Club, Magic Kids and Wavves at Manning Bar tonight. You’re probably quite entitled to wonder how, exactly, this works.

J (and yes, our now-alarming similarity to gossip girl must be remedied, I agree) and I have a favourite festival/travelling game of identifying ‘muggle fails’, i.e. wizarding folk dressed as ostensibly inconspicuous muggles but getting it just ever so slightly and hilariously wrong – think tie dyed onesies, hoods venturing a little too far down your back, chest tickling beards, vaguely upturned shoes, household items worn as accessories, amusing hats, and cardigans straying into territory best defined as ‘cape’. So when frankie magazine ran an online promo giving out a double pass, I fired off an email telling them all about it and voila! – tickets for two.

Wavves and Muggle Fail. Or, Double Muggle Fail – depending on how you classify purple corduroy pants.

– image from The Pistol Shrimp

With Wavves attracting a rather self aware ‘fashion’* crowd, there was definitely no shortage of muggle fails to keep me amused. Wide brimmed black hats worn at night, tassled leotards, tent dresses, absurd wire framed glasses, outlandish makeup, clashing colours, double denim, fantastic hairstyles: all brilliant so-wrong-you’re-right decisions which lent a magical air to proceedings. And then there was the ubiquitous, toppling, squealing girl in heels who stilettoed Meek’s foot. So-wrong-you-should-just-go-home.

*must be pronounced with the same intonation as the Bowie song to derive maximum meaning and enjoyment.


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  1. Ithinkyouknowalready

    To detract from Gossip Girl-esque commentaries, how about inane name like, i don’t know… OC (ahem) and Pett (ahem).
    And if you’re wondering that’s my not so subtle way of attempting to distract your readers/fellow writers/blog concubines attention from your true identities as James and Harry.

    Oh no everyone knows your true identity, I’m so sorry. Looks like you’ll have to go with your TRUE names now.
    See what I did there. Oh I’m crafty

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