Smelling Books

Rachael Morrison plans to smell every book in the MoMA library. Something to do with the changing of how we read, how smell affects our memory, and what’s happening to good old fashioned books. As someone who was seduced by iPads in the back of a jeep when some Swiss Jerk had their own loaded with the pages of a Lonely Planet we lugged all 1200kg of in our backpacks, I can see the merits of giving our treasured tomes a big old sniff.

Just as a reminder. It’s nice to halfbloodprince up your big arse LP and then pass it on at the end. Can you crease the spine of your freakin’ iPad, Swiss Jerk?

Perhaps he wasn’t a jerk. Perhaps I am just bitter that he had the ability to type and access the internet in that particular jeep and yet he was watching an Adam Sandler movie. A story for another time.

Personally inhaling deeply and having a quiet grin about books smells is the first thing I do when I get to work on a Monday, and part of the reason I am yet to do anything with the ever increasing stack of useless display hardback octavos salvaged from the garbage that occupy way too much of my floor-space.

I stumbled upon this beautiful creature at which is a brilliant website dedicated to proving that reading is in fact awesome and the novel is not in fact dead.


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