I’m writing a list

…of things to do before I leave for India in July; the first and most difficult task is ‘tell your parents you’re going back’ – they’re going to murder me. Second being to stash away at least $50 every week until then if I’m going to eat and catch trains while I’m there. This is proving way more difficult than it should be. Get out of my life, electricity bill.

Going to start posting some photographs to remind myself that India and the people we met there are not, actually, a figment of my imagination. And also to gloat to the big, wide interwebs about our summer jaunt, seeing as these photos have not yet seen the light of day. Due to our love of alliterative days of the week technically I should turn this into a Friday Photographs weekly post, but it’s still raining on my washing outside and I’m impatient for passport stamps and airports full of possibilities.

First Day in Delhi – Hot, Sweet Chai and Pollution on a Rooftop.


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