-An interruption in the intensity or amount of something.

-A Japanese rock band who describe themselves as ‘a project of music and art, depicters’.

-In linguistics, the separate pronunciation of two separate vowels.

-A fancy way of saying ‘I’ve been busy’.

Busy taking overnight train trips from Sydney to Melbourne and back, taking satisfaction in the plastic click of a disposable camera, holding hands, sleeping in, spending time in the company of my best friend and a beautiful boy. That, and now that I’m home and he’s gone, I’m May. No, that’s not a dramatic revelation that we’re over a week into the calendar month. We promised systematic abuse of the English language and grammar structure, so here’s one of our pet favourites. May is not merely a noun and an old-fashioned-but-quite-sweet girl’s name. It’s also an adjective, and an emotion. That feeling where you’re always running. Missing trains, ignoring your inbox, staying up late, forgetting to charge your iPod, snoozing your alarm, drinking too much coffee, getting caught in the rain and feeling ten steps behind everything, all of the time. Because for some reason that feeling peaks around this time of year. Call us mad, go on. But better if you call us May.


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