When Facebook Got Useful

Everybody knows facebook’s great for keeping in touch with friends/your high school boyfriend’s current fling’s sister. We’ve all been there. It’s 2am, you have something far more pressing to do, yet you’re lurking the uninteresting albums of somebody you’ve likely never met, accompanied by feelings of violent self hatred and disgust. How about instead you spend your inevitable facebook time doing something useful: like and share this petition to bring the Changing Lanes Festival back to the streets of Newtown for another year.

Last year saw sets from Tame Impala, Ernest Ellis and Jinja Safari as well as loads of local acts, dj sets and street art, but they need a little help to get permission from council to do it all over again. I mean, look at how pretty their poster was last time around..

Don’t you want another one of those to stick to your pinboard and remind you of all that’s good, shiny and colourful in the world?


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