Tom’s Red Lentil Dhal

While I was in Melbourne over the break I had the privilege of being introduced to somebody who is very important to somebody who is also very important to me. All you need to know about this guy is that he has flaming red hair, is an amazing cook and has a collection of very impressive accents. He was kind enough to share his dhal recipe with me, which I’ve been raving about for a few reasons. Mostly because it’s dirt cheap ($10 and it’s fed two of us for a week) and really tasty.

Ingredients, yo:
1kg red lentils
1 onion
2 tins of diced tomatoes
50g mustard seeds
Spices to taste– garam masala, chilli, curry powder, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon.
1.5l Chicken or vegetable stock
2 cloves garlic/2teaspoons crushed garlic
Butter, salt and pepper to taste.
Curd and chapattis, to serve.

What you need to do:
Soak lentils for approx 30min beforehand.
Put oil, onion, all spices and mustard seeds in a pan and cook until the seeds pop.
Add tomatoes, then lentils, stir until coated.
Add stock to cover.
Cook until soft, then add butter, salt and pepper, coriander and garlic.
Serve with chapattis and natural yoghurt or curd.

Will keep for approx a week. Go nuts and add other random food items in your cupboard, as well. 


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