RaddestRightNow in New Planes at Tiny Stadiums

Too much? I thought so as well. RaddestRightNow is a blog which I stalk on a semi-regular basis and am always left writhing in envy after the experience. It’s run by a rather incredible young woman who used to live with a couple who I met in India, by virtue of the fact that they noticed our Australian passports in Arrivals and offered to share a cab. We paid our half of the fare, wished them a good journey and didn’t think we’d see them again. Obviously at that point we hadn’t figured out exactly how ridiculous that country is in terms of serendipitous coincidences. It was our first day, fair breaks. We ran into them in again in Pushkar and discovered that yes, they used to live with the older sister of my high school friend’s girlfriend, and incidentally we lived in the same suburb, and they’d helped out with the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival last year, who I’m volunteering with at the moment. And now I’ve gone and posted about Tiny Stadiums, which this weekend features a stall from New Planes Public Press, in which there is an article by Eleanor, of Raddest Right Now. Has your head exploded yet?


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