She’s back, ladies and gentlemen!

Marieke Hardy has started blogging again. We can once again look forward to her self described “mature dissertation” as we prance around the internet in lieu of anything productive. That said, her particular turn of phrase has always inspired me – to write, to live, to enjoy myself, to be part of the big city, to drink and be frivolous in an unashamed manner, to be a woman in a way that suits me. So I suppose that’s productive, in it’s own way.

I could write an unseemly number of words about how many hours I spent reading Reasons You Will Hate Me, praising her ability to combine flawless prose with delicious and often made up swears and generally carrying on like a sycophantic ninny. I won’t though. I’ll just mention the time I saw her in a dumpling joint on King St and tweeted this link to her, about the merits of saying hello to your mildly famous fellow diners. And that time she tweeted back at me, not so very long ago, and I’m not quite sure if I’m proud or ashamed about the high pitched voicemail I left on Voldy’s messagebank. That and the way I still quite frequently use a number of her made up swears. In fact, my alarm just went off, the one that says “Go to bed, you self destructive cocktard” five nights a week at 11:30pm. Yes, I need reminding both to get into and out of my bed, what of it?

And do check out her old stamping ground, I recommend starting from the beginning.


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