Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012


Here’s one more thing to add to the list of things we’re going to do this year. Like most of the things to do this year it is writer-ly and daunting, although admittedly easier than it must have seemed to Heidi when I explained it wrong (‘So we’ll review TEN of the books in January. That’s how it works. Not crazy!’).

photo by Joel  (The Boy Wonder)

The Australian Women’s Writers Challenge is a way of counteracting the gender imbalance in the amount of attention Australian books get in reviews and social media. The National Year of Reading, which promises to be more fun than 2011, the National Year of Speaking and Listening, shouldn’t be all about how ace men are at making words into sentences with their testosterone-y talent. It should also be about Anna Funder and Chloe Hooper and all of the great things being written by Australian women.

So! Using our lady skills and our copious amounts of free time, Heidi Pett and I (Jess O’Callaghan, person who should be at work right now and occasional blogger) will pledge to review 10 books by Australian women this year, making us Franklin-fantastic Dabblers (this is starting to sound a bit cult-like).

The AWW2012 challenge begins now. With Heidi complaining that I’ve stolen all the good books, and me pointing out that judging by her Bobbysix end of year review, she seems to have kept all my favourites in Sydney anyway.



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