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So I’m “DJing” for Bike Babes at The Wall

Inverted commas used to give you a heads up that in reality I will be┬áplaying-a-selection-of-songs-you-may-or-may-not-wish-to-dance-or-sing-along-to-while-you-look-at-art, as opposed to doing anything remotely technical. Still, it will be fun and I’d like to cordially invite your face/booty to make an appearance.

Bike Babes have weekly rides on a Tuesday evening, the idea being “No racing, just riding. Be fit, ride far, have fun.” You can head to their facebook page to check out photos from previous expeditions and for up to the minute weather reports on ride day, for times when the weather’s iffy. Next week they’re temporarily relocating to Wednesday for a special night at The Wall. Still meeting at the usual 6:50pm, Taylor Square, a leisurely ride will eventually take you to World Bar for a mini bike themed fete, including tasty treats, a BBQ and an exhibition of customised bike helmets. Plus, myself and Bobby Six will be dee jaying/spinning some discs/droppin’ some phat beatz/seriously I’m just going to play you some songs I think you’ll like and try not to break anything.


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