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Sorry. Have a cigarette.

Stacks of new writing, interviews and stories to post up here, which I’ll add over the next few days. Between the ridiculous, arbitrary deadline mania of Christmas, the loveliness of the Woodford Folk Festival, a few days at home and busy busy happy times in Sydney with FBi + Sydney Festival gigs + SMAC Awards + new jobs + tearing my Big Day Out hymen* + writing work + Perth visitors I’ve been a little neglectful. Here, a little something to say HelloIMissedYouAndI’mSorryILeftYou:

Uncommonly beautiful people blowing smoke in black and white, first watched hungover and time poor after a night during which an ex-boyfriend spent several hours trying to talk me into smoking my first cigarette, and failed. Directed by Saam Farahmand, it’s a clever little comment on the prevalence of smoking in the fashion industry and it’s continued association with ‘cool’. I get it, really I do. There’s something very visually pleasing about smoking. It’s sort of sexy in a romantic, self destructive kind of way. Especially when done like this, or by a pretty bearded boy leaning against the side door of some bar while an equally attractive and hirsute young man thrashes a guitar inside. It’s just not for me.

I came across Tom Vek and this particular video a bit late, courtesy of a little research session for Shag’s Top 40 Show at the end of last year. As much as people love to whine about the proliferation of end of year reviews, they’re certainly good for catching up on music/books/miscellaneous cool shit you may have missed that year. I even went and made one for Bobbysix.com, though I refused to order it as I find the experience paralyses me with guilt. Yes, I’m aware that’s ridiculous.

*Was that visual a little much? Sorry. I’ve been reading up on Riot Grrls and consuming Bukowski at an alarming rate and have since begun to wish I was a little more visceral and shocking in my writing. This will last only until I pick up some new reading material, I promise.


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