Other People

These are some of the places I find myself when I spend an evening prancing around the internet. Photographs and nanofiction, online magazines and music archives,  people doing and making and writing things. Other people’s words and pictures. 

Adventures In TV Land

Stories from Alex McNeill, a girl who’s written for Good News Week, The Sideshow, Voiceworks and herself. This is her pride and joy.

Ampersand Magazine

An Australian curiosity journal. Print. Bringing together academia and popular culture, enquiry and humour, innovation and tradition, opinion and evidence.

Aus Releases

Radiant’s free music archive.


Music, fashion and culture.


Journalist, essayist and editor’s personal writing about offbeat music and art.

Das Platforms 

New conversations in Australia’s emerging and contemporary arts. Interviews, articles, videos and documentaries.

East To West

Telling stories through beautifully paired music and words and photographs. A showcase of Australian experimental electronic music.

FBi Radio

Independent radio broadcast in Sydney, streaming online. Local music, arts and culture as well as a carefully chosen selection from further abroad.

Freedom Tights

Girl writer from Melbourne. Reading and writing and lists.

Heathen Scripture

Geoff Lemon’s essays and opinion pieces and short fiction and non-fiction and poems and spoken word about anything and everything, because everything is interesting.

Hyperbole and a Half

MS Paint illustrated stories to break your heart and make you laugh. Why you’ll never be an adult.

Life Aquatic

Images set to music. Songs and handpicked photographs. Boutique record label.

Lip Mag

Independent online magazine. Thoughtful and intelligent words on music, art, ideas, feminism, literature for thoughtful and intelligent people.

Local and/or General

Australian music show on Melbourne’s 3RRR


Stories that fit in the cracks of your day. Short, short fiction.

Penguin Plays Rough

New, imaginatively wild short stories. A monthly reading night, a published book, an audio archive.

Raddest Right Now

Art, literature, fashion, intelligent analysis of the intersections of all three.


Specialty radio show, blog, curation of gigs. DIY, garage, experimental and indie from Australia and our neighbours. Upcoming shows, podcasts and gig info.


A book club with a difference, discussing human rights issues raise in a variety of literature. Melbourne based, soon to be Sydney.

Right Now

Human Rights in Australia. Online journal. Writing, art and radio. Volunteer media organisation making human rights part of every day conversation through creativity.

Setting Sail

Photographs by Sydney creative lady Mimi Holvast.


90 – 900 words. Substantial, sticky, hard to rub off.

Things My Pretentious Friends Say

Quotes and anecdotes from a student at the University of Sydney.


Comments, yo.

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