With all the exhaustion of my six-year-old self finishing a cross country race, I have completed all three essays that are due tommorrow, and am experiencing the self satisfied exhale that comes at the end of such a feat of actuallysittingdownandwritingthedamnthings.

And to celebrated, I am going to share my Excited for Woodford Top Ten*:

1. Dan Mangan.

I agree, he is too cute.

I think there is a rule that says anyone amazing enough to come up with the lyrics

she gives me quaters for the phone and every time I feel alone I go broke

gets a H and a J crazy dancing at their feet complete with flaying arms and giddy beams.

2. Passenger

He collaborates with Katie Noonan, Matt Corby, Lior, Boy & Bear, and a heap of other brilliant Australian artists. 

This video demonstrates his wit and awsome musical talent, and it was taken in Melbourne.

3. Gemma Connell

So she’s not technically attending the festival as a performer. We will still know every word.

4.  Kevin Rudd – On Australia

Get a bit broader with your talking points there Kevin. On Australia? Really? I thought you’d be talking about the Federated States of Micronesia.

Still. This should be hilarious fun.

5. Disturbia

Because I have maybe heard the walrus story from 5 different people 1000 different times, and I am quite keen to experience whatever Pigford 2525 is for myself this time around to avoid this longing for absurdity for the next twelve months.

6. The Little Stevies

Whenever I hear them play, I honestly grin like a maniac. Something bizarre happens. My cheeks are still aching from a gig last Thursday.

They’re going to be playing new music, from their yet-to-be-released album, and it’s great stuff.

7.  TinPan Orange

I’m ashamed to say I have lived in Melbourne for almost a year and still never seen them live.

All will be well post-woodford.

8. Microwave Jenny

The coolest thing to come out of Kempsey since my grandma. Sounds a bit like Adele – I’m telling you this so it doesn’t bug you for days like it did me.

9. The Chemist

Gets points for being involved in the above.

10. The Common Ground Cafe

I need to satisfy a 4 month long craving for vegan balls pretty badly.

*This list should not imply that shit won’t be lost at Kate Miller-Heidke, Lior, Katie Noonan, That One Guy, Cat Empire, Mr Percival, Mama Kin, Basement Birds, Kerry O’Brian, Ashley Mannix or a myriad of other brilliant performers/suppliers of food/former politicians with sweeping lecture titles. These are just the ones getting me giddy tonight.

– J


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